Customer Testimonials

Along with providing theonly all in one hospitality platform on the market, we believe in providing the best possible customer support, and love when our customers share their favorite stories and features with us.
  1. Full Service Restaurant: MAD
    Since introducing Cibo platform, we have improved our speed of service and service accountability .
  2. Fine Dining : Reef n Beef
    Cibo have freed the waiters to focus on service, in process have more satisfied customers.
  3. Lounge - The Q Lounge [Spain]
    Finally I can run my business from home, now I do not need to send my entire day in the restaurant.
  4. Chinese Restaurant - Magasasa
    With Cibo, I have everything integrated and I have multi sales channels, this is the future of hospitality business. I will recommend Cibo to anybody.
  5. Thai Restaurant - Full Service Restaurant
    If you are thinking of running your restaurant pain free, I can't think of a more simple effective solution. You owe it to yourself to give Cibo a try. It is very simple and cost effective solution, only result is an efficient restaurants.
  6. Bar & Club - Duke
    We need only one thing speed, speed and with POS CIbo offers both the required speed of service and flexibility of integrating our POS with our bookings.
  7. Quick Service - MySandwich
    Cibo is the only solution, which provided me option of receiving all my online and mobile orders directly into my POS. It is simple to setup and manage, if I can do it, anybody can do it! I will recommend Cibo to anybody
  8. Sushi Bar - New Century Sushi
    I will recommend Cibo to any Sushi shop, requiring affordable online and mobile ordering system. I love, Cibo's small terminal, it is really compact and simple POS to use.